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Swaggtalk100 Mini interview: with Bandhead_Productions

October 7, 2019

Guess who’s back?? and she’s back with a Mini Interview for this #MusicMonday

Its been awhile since I’ve done one of these but I figure now was good a time as any. The featured guest here whom I met on Instagram through a mutual acquaintance is a very laidback, mysterious and talented man who I have communicated with on a few occasions. Very humble gentleman, who is mysterious yet amazing at the same time, which is why I decided to put the spotlight on him: Without further ado here is “Janyll of Bandhead_Productions

WM: Your productions are great, when did you first want to be come a producer?

Bandhead_Productions: Hmm let’s see when I heard spice one 187 proof this was in 96 I stole my big brother cds lol I was like this beat go hard that 808 was pressure. I was like mama I need a mpc for Christmas lol.

WM: Ok good to know, can you tell us how what all goes into producing daily for you?

Bandhead_productions: a lot! Back in the late 90s when I started it was you make a track and the artist follow your style of craft and they write to it or have something that fits the beat cause they been following you now you have to be the engineer, producer and sound manager lol my daily routine before I make a track is how my morning goes I love to wake up an listen to a lot of old music example Billie holiday I say that cause she is smooth and everything was raw back then so I try have the mindset that I want to make history with everything I make, I also have to listen to my very old tracks and be grateful from what I was and what I have become which is gorilla.

WM: Is there a certain amount or number of people you have already produced for?

Bandhead_produtions: I have beats floating everywhere lol done on purpose but I would say I produced over 20 that put out music now I’m locked in on one artist Lino Vizzy be sure to check him out on all music platforms

WM: What are some of the challenges you have faced as a producer to date?

Staying up on trends making sure I stay in my lane but be up with the trends

There is literally hundreds of other talented producers out, how do you set yourself apart from them?

I would say staying ahead of the curve stay posting on social media it’s free promotion

WM: Awesome! Have you as of yet or plan on working with any big name artists?

Bandhead_productions: I worked with Juve and Magnolia ChopMy goal is working with C-murder free C, Kendrick Lamar and Demi Lovato I have a fire ass track for her ass

WM: Have you any hardships or hurdles when it comes to producing?

Bandhead_Productions: Naw Thank GOD

WM: How can one become a producer and stand out from the crowd as you do

Bandhead_Productions: easy I would say start off with fruity loops that program make it easily for beginners and buy a MPC, to stand out don’t be afraid to be different no music is dumb everyone has different music ears

WM: Where can those interested in your services find you directly?

Bandhead_Productions: ig bandhead_productions , rloops bandhead_productions, iTunes Lino vizzy

WM: Would you like to share a few details about your brand and other things your working on?

Bandhead_productions: Lino vizzy we going crazy now like he the future and Bossiano

WM: Interesting my friend, now if anybody would like to check you out more what are your social site pages or website?

Bandhead_Productions: im always on Facebook: Janyll Instagram: bandhead_productions Twitter: Myspace: Snapchat:nyllboi

It felt great doing interviews again, over the last few years so many people asked me why did i even stop doing them to begin with. Well to be honest i didnt have the man power or team to back me on it. Which in turn i lost interest and refused to half ass the process so that’s my reason for taking a hiatus. Some folks just go for it, however I certainly didn’t want to do that without having it all in order.

….have no fear, I’m back at it! be sure to comment/like/share and show your support.

When Photoshop is used for the wrong reason.

August 19, 2019

We all know about Photoshop and its magical photo editing, long before there was a such thing as “Filters” and “Snapchat” here was this Adobe product that would be used from anything to lightening areas of a photo to changing a persons shape, looks…ect. A wonderful tool for graphic designers as well as photographers for years. However this seemingly cool tool can be used for much more sinister edits.

Example of such a way would be using it to get someone arrested or to frame a person, who would’ve ever thought of that right? well you have to see it to believe it as in the article I just ran across on my news feed, I was shocked to say the least, but then a more angry feeling came over me. What if this has been going with a number of arrest?? Feel free to check out the bellow story and them tell me your thoughts about

Witnesses said a bank robber didn’t have facial tattoos. So police digitally altered a suspect’s mugshot


Gloria Vanderbilt Did Not Leave an Inheritance for Son Anderson Cooper

June 19, 2019

I read about this a few years ago, was shocked at the time, but even more shocked now. If you love your child or children? why wouldn’t you leave them anything??? That just seems like a sick & twisted thing to me. To each his/her own and of course is great to make it big on your on accord, but to not leave you child something, a child that you so love dearly, just seems unimaginable.

who does that??

Wish I had even 1/4 of what Gloria Vanderbilt had, it would not only go to my children, but to a few other people who I loved as well. Since she’s not leaving Anderson Cooper any of her money, where will it go? who will get it? does this mean she really didn’t care about her son?? Did she leave it to her Chauffer…the Butler…ect. So many questions could be asked in regards to this, but it seems like rich people problems.

I’m poor so what do I know. If your interesting in learning more about her reasoning click bellow.

Gloria Vanderbilt Did Not Leave an Inheritance for Son Anderson Cooper

Travel Life: San Diego, CA a bittersweet visit 06/05/2019

June 13, 2019

It was great to be out an about, not in my place of residence for my birthday, although though my trip was suppose to be about me celebrating my birthday, it was a little hard to be happy. Unfortunately a friend of mines whom I met when I first started traveling back in 2002 out in San Diego, Ca was killed within just 1-2 weeks of my trip. So naturally she was on my mind while visiting SDCA.

Tried not to think about it, but I kept being reminded of the places we visited together, restaurants we ate at and so forth. We all get so busy with our own lives that more often than not we simple get out of touch with others, time flies by, months turn into years without speaking to one another. Living in different cities adds to the disconnect between families an friends.

We have to do better about those sort of things, because you will truly regret it if something happens to a person that you love. Not getting to hear their voice one last time or being able to say goodbye is a extremely horrible long lasting feeling.

Well anyways here’s some clips from my trip to San Diego, Ca as well as Tijuana, Mx My YouTube Channel plus my My Instagram Page

Nikon B500 16MP, 40x Optical Long Zoom Digital Camera

April 26, 2019

Greetings blog viewers!

Well after long consideration and procrastination I’ve decided to but me a new camera, i was still using the one my old blog partner bought me back in 2009! Yep you guessed right, a diva has been using that old outdated camera. Perhaps it has some sentimental value to it or maybe my Sony Cyber Shot is stuck to me. For the last 2-3yrs whenever i used it off & my current camera would give me a few issues, for example the focus is out of focus not to mention my memory card problems.

Camera shopping can be slightly draining, I’m more into Sony products as a whole, so there is no surprise that i like anything they come out with especially digital cameras. If i has to name brands I’m interested in obviously those two would be 1.) Sony & 2.) Nikon regardless of which one catches my eye its just time for a new one. Let me know what brads your in favor of and which ones you find less appealing.

Feel Free to comment/like/share


Storytime: Your Damned if you do & Damned if you dont

March 3, 2019

Storytime: Your Damned if you do & Damned if you dont, Sisters and Boyfriends

Dating doesn’t mix well with besties and sisters, here is one of my stories about such a situation. Click the link above (Its my YouTube Channel)

Its 2019!!! Updates, Shockers and Decisons.

January 20, 2019


Happy New Year!

First off, Its been a wild one getting through and past last year, I’m so glad 2018 is over. There was bad news, let downs, heartache, growth, separations and a entirely new me. Just taking a look back on my life in general and its situations, For one I’ve decided to either change all my social media or delete them and start a new, but I’m struggling with which one to actually do.  Life is so full of surprises and unsuspected twists that Hollywood cant even make this up.

Secondly I’m engaged, although this will be the 3rd time for me, will I ever make it down the aisle? Not even sure I’m ready for it, its like I wanna say I DO and I DONT at the same time, so conflicted with this part of my life. in other news one f my sisters whom I thought really didn’t care for m, seems to actually do. As for the rest of my family, I’ve cut most of them off especially my father. That’s a story for another (and a book by the way) sorry for the long absence from posting here, stay tuned more to come.

…and Thirdly, not even 5mins ago I received a text message from a old friend, she was super cool and I was happy that we re-connected, once i seen who it was i called her up, however she hit me with a shocker! Apparently she’s looking for a female to join her and her man! WTF told yall Hollywood cant even make this shit up. Now I’m just like what do I do with our friendship? obviously I never did anything to encourage that type of thought ever. Then I realized its just that I’m so cool and friendly that people both men and woman look at “Friendly” as “Flirting”

please don’t get it twisted, I’m Strictly Dickly over here. No hard feelings or judgement tho for those who are not.