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February 4, 2017


Just quick post in regards to all the copying and swagger jacking that is going on, from styles to lyrics, from words to writings. Seems that here in the USA many have lost their ability for originality. Stealing is nothing new when it comes to being here though, its what this country was built on and prides itself on. Land is stolen, poems are re-written, ideas are taken quicker than advice. People have become thieves by nature, to take another persons whatever seems to be the norm for our society. Land and property are of the most to be forcefully taken from its original owner, yet it would seem that the stealing of ones music or ideas have been on the up rise as of lately.

Copying, stealing, misappropriation, borrowing…ect its all the same thing, for example how the men all think its cute to be sagging their jeans, back in the day only a specific kind of man worn his pants that way. Nowadays this laughable trend can be seen with every gentlemen in almost every race. Long gone are the days of seeing women walking around with our ass hanging out, because the menfolk have stolen this form of fashion and ran with it. Then their is the terminology or slang usage of words, one person starts it and it just bounces form one person to another live a pandemic or something. Infected with the slang of others, not having your own way of speaking or being heard.

Words such as Tea, Ratchet, Selfie, Unit, Installed, Messy and more are used so much by so many that dictionary makers have been forced to included these words as part of the English language, once seemingly these were not words at all, just ignorant mentioning’s, now currently all have definitions and are used by people in all walks of life as everyday conversation. I for one miss originality, this country seems to be one of the most unoriginal places I’ve ever been to. How is it a Selfie if more than one person is in the picture? Wouldn’t that make it technically a Groupie?? Well that would’ve made more sense if the word “Groupie” wasn’t already used to imply something else entirely. Stop stealing other peoples stuff, get back to being unique, different, original. Anything other than that is copied and basic.


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  1. June 5, 2017 12:28 pm

    True Words

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