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Price List

July 16, 2017

It just burns me up when I see people or businesses advertising services  specifically online, but their prices are not listed. From Photographers to Graphic Design to Chefs, I personally wont do business with a person who doesn’t have their prices listed. A House for sale has a price, Eggs for sale have a price, a Car for sale has a price, Moving Companies have a price, candy bars have a price.

You certainly will miss out on my long term business for not posting a price list. What am I suppose to guess what the it is or should I be up-selled? For example You night have charged Tonya $200 for a service, but then charge Keisha $450 for the exact same service. A price list lets your perspective customers know right off the bat what’s what

its just like going to the grocery store, junkyard, mall or restaurant…ect
have your services listed, right along with the prices for each one. To all the people and businesses that do indeed have their price listed, we appreciate you for that. It shows that you too do not like to play the guessing game with your customers.

How do you feel about this as a consumer or as a business?price tag with copy space

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