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Its 2019!!! Updates, Shockers and Decisons.

January 20, 2019


Happy New Year!

First off, Its been a wild one getting through and past last year, I’m so glad 2018 is over. There was bad news, let downs, heartache, growth, separations and a entirely new me. Just taking a look back on my life in general and its situations, For one I’ve decided to either change all my social media or delete them and start a new, but I’m struggling with which one to actually do.  Life is so full of surprises and unsuspected twists that Hollywood cant even make this up.

Secondly I’m engaged, although this will be the 3rd time for me, will I ever make it down the aisle? Not even sure I’m ready for it, its like I wanna say I DO and I DONT at the same time, so conflicted with this part of my life. in other news one f my sisters whom I thought really didn’t care for m, seems to actually do. As for the rest of my family, I’ve cut most of them off especially my father. That’s a story for another (and a book by the way) sorry for the long absence from posting here, stay tuned more to come.

…and Thirdly, not even 5mins ago I received a text message from a old friend, she was super cool and I was happy that we re-connected, once i seen who it was i called her up, however she hit me with a shocker! Apparently she’s looking for a female to join her and her man! WTF told yall Hollywood cant even make this shit up. Now I’m just like what do I do with our friendship? obviously I never did anything to encourage that type of thought ever. Then I realized its just that I’m so cool and friendly that people both men and woman look at “Friendly” as “Flirting”

please don’t get it twisted, I’m Strictly Dickly over here. No hard feelings or judgement tho for those who are not.


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