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Travel Life: San Diego, CA a bittersweet visit 06/05/2019

June 13, 2019

It was great to be out an about, not in my place of residence for my birthday, although though my trip was suppose to be about me celebrating my birthday, it was a little hard to be happy. Unfortunately a friend of mines whom I met when I first started traveling back in 2002 out in San Diego, Ca was killed within just 1-2 weeks of my trip. So naturally she was on my mind while visiting SDCA.

Tried not to think about it, but I kept being reminded of the places we visited together, restaurants we ate at and so forth. We all get so busy with our own lives that more often than not we simple get out of touch with others, time flies by, months turn into years without speaking to one another. Living in different cities adds to the disconnect between families an friends.

We have to do better about those sort of things, because you will truly regret it if something happens to a person that you love. Not getting to hear their voice one last time or being able to say goodbye is a extremely horrible long lasting feeling.

Well anyways here’s some clips from my trip to San Diego, Ca as well as Tijuana, Mx My YouTube Channel plus my My Instagram Page

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