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Price List

July 16, 2017

It just burns me up when I see people or businesses advertising services  specifically online, but their prices are not listed. From Photographers to Graphic Design to Chefs, I personally wont do business with a person who doesn’t have their prices listed. A House for sale has a price, Eggs for sale have a price, a Car for sale has a price, Moving Companies have a price, candy bars have a price.

You certainly will miss out on my long term business for not posting a price list. What am I suppose to guess what the it is or should I be up-selled? For example You night have charged Tonya $200 for a service, but then charge Keisha $450 for the exact same service. A price list lets your perspective customers know right off the bat what’s what

its just like going to the grocery store, junkyard, mall or restaurant…ect
have your services listed, right along with the prices for each one. To all the people and businesses that do indeed have their price listed, we appreciate you for that. It shows that you too do not like to play the guessing game with your customers.

How do you feel about this as a consumer or as a business?price tag with copy space


February 4, 2017


Just quick post in regards to all the copying and swagger jacking that is going on, from styles to lyrics, from words to writings. Seems that here in the USA many have lost their ability for originality. Stealing is nothing new when it comes to being here though, its what this country was built on and prides itself on. Land is stolen, poems are re-written, ideas are taken quicker than advice. People have become thieves by nature, to take another persons whatever seems to be the norm for our society. Land and property are of the most to be forcefully taken from its original owner, yet it would seem that the stealing of ones music or ideas have been on the up rise as of lately.

Copying, stealing, misappropriation, borrowing…ect its all the same thing, for example how the men all think its cute to be sagging their jeans, back in the day only a specific kind of man worn his pants that way. Nowadays this laughable trend can be seen with every gentlemen in almost every race. Long gone are the days of seeing women walking around with our ass hanging out, because the menfolk have stolen this form of fashion and ran with it. Then their is the terminology or slang usage of words, one person starts it and it just bounces form one person to another live a pandemic or something. Infected with the slang of others, not having your own way of speaking or being heard.

Words such as Tea, Ratchet, Selfie, Unit, Installed, Messy and more are used so much by so many that dictionary makers have been forced to included these words as part of the English language, once seemingly these were not words at all, just ignorant mentioning’s, now currently all have definitions and are used by people in all walks of life as everyday conversation. I for one miss originality, this country seems to be one of the most unoriginal places I’ve ever been to. How is it a Selfie if more than one person is in the picture? Wouldn’t that make it technically a Groupie?? Well that would’ve made more sense if the word “Groupie” wasn’t already used to imply something else entirely. Stop stealing other peoples stuff, get back to being unique, different, original. Anything other than that is copied and basic.


New Year, Same you

December 31, 2016

Well people its almost that time again, time for everybody to start saying the usual “New Year New Me” stuff. Sadly many get back in the swing of old habits so fast that they even forget its a New Year at all. Instead of a New You how about reconnecting with the old you? Of course a time when things were better and more positive, seems like 2016 was full of New Dramas, New Situations, New Experiences, New Barriers and so much more.

happy-new-year-banner-2Hopefully everybody will try to take better care of themselves in 2017, that would start by not drinking so much to night at midnight. I’m wishing all my reader, followers, family & friends a wonderful new year. Some thing will change and others not so much, basically its just a new year, dates change, but people rarely do and when such its don’t its typically for the worse. Therefor lets go into the New Year with a new outlook, new approach, New thought pattern than we had in 2016. If it makes the year a better one I’m all for it.

New to the New to the new, new new here’s to  a pleasant 2017


The Death of Alan Thicke at 69

December 14, 2016

What a way to go, right while your enjoying some father and son time. Alan Thick was like one of the coolest TV dads there ever was, never to busy for the kids on screen and off set. This makes you wonder though even with people living to 90 and 100, what age should strenuous activities be stopped? No matter how you feel and appear on the outside lets face it a 69 year old body is still a 69 year old body.

All major organs are that same age too, I hate to say it but a 69 year old playing Hockey seems like a bit to much, why not fishing or other less energy depleting sports? Not sure if he had any underlying illnesses or diseases, but nothing was ever mentioned to my knowledge. To be dying right in front of one of your children has got to be one of the worst things possible. May him and all others we’ve lost in 2016 both celebrity and non celebrity RIP.

I was just talking to somebody the other day about how people die at the most inopportune time imaginable. His family was probably all ready for Christmas with gifts purchased and now they have to burry the man. We all have to go, but wouldn’t it be nice if it was under better circumstance? Surely nobody will miss him more than his own family. For more info on Alan Thicke’s Death and what others are saying you can view the latest article here celebs react to alan thickes sudden death at 69



Telephone usage, then vs now

October 24, 2016

173033-microtac_slideYou used to call me on my Cell Phone (singing Hotline Bling)

The ring of a telephone once would have you racing to answer it, perhaps that lover or new friend is calling to set up a date or check on their favorite person. Big sister has some gossip about your neighbor or the bestie needs some advice. The telephone used to be the thing to do back in the day, even payphones when beepers where big and cellphones hadn’t even be made major yet.

Back in the day, simple, easy, cool, but nowadays the telephone has become a main source of drama, bullshit and scams. From bill collectors to those pretending you’ve won something to stalkerish guys you no longer want to deal with. Even the jealous girlfriend or baby momma will use it to cause you some type of grief, A ringing phone instantly causes me irritation from wondering just who is it….the ex…bad news…somebody I don’t want to speak with more than likely.

Giving out your number to a guy seems like a instant invitation to your vagina or the ok to harass you endlessly, as of late giving out my number is not an option. Guess working as a customer service rep has added to that as well. Not to mention everybody just wants to text you like crazy or send photos back and forth. What once was a cherished moment has now become something of a headache without trying to be one. Blame it on new technology, simply put when the Telephone changed so did everything about them.

when is the last time any of us actually dialed a phone number without having to look for it in our contacts? exactly just as I had thought. Then you have the long lost payphone, our kids or grandkids will certainly not know what these are as they already no longer exist. Sure the case and poles are rare, but an functioning payphone is now a mystery.

call me on my cellphone, when you need my love (yeah right)


Brace yourselves for Storm Matthew.

October 6, 2016

Never is it a good thing living on a peninsula or coastal region, sure the sunny days and breezy nights seem great for filmy outing or just chilling with your special someone, however you will surely regret ever living on one due to Hurricane and Tropical storm season. Those picture perfect photos & memories are shattered when raging winds and swirling cyclones make a B-line for your magazine ready surroundings.To whoever has friends or family living in these affected areas please keep them in you prayers as well as doing whatever you can to check on them as well assist them too.

Even without the actual threat of severe damage, its still not a safe place to want to leave I one of these situations, its almost like a person would have to be on 24hr watchdog mode because you never know when it will hit. Visiting these places is exciting as much as breathtaking, yet the desire to move to higher ground seems to always not be a present thought in the minds of the locals.  Before having wanderlust and the urge to live on a Peninsula state also think about the future. Keep the thought in your mind that yo could be washed away without warning.

People say that the what if’s never happen, yet when they finally do nobody is prepared for the destruction that is Mother Mature. Bellow is a link to the latest of what’s going on this moment in time, be sure to check it out, be safe people and pray for those that are in harms way. Seems like the entire coast of Florida will be affected in some form or another, lets hope not.

Looks like Hurricane Matthew could pummel Florida twice

The Downside of being Famous

October 3, 2016

What’s up everybody? as promised a new blog post for those of you who actually still read blogs, seems that these days nobody is really blogging anymore or at least on blog site such as WordPress…ect. Lets get right into something serious yet hardly ever talked about which are the downside of being a well known individual or family, the perils of it all. Everybody claims they ant the Fame and Fortune, but just give me the money instead.

Famous looks glitzy and drives people crazy, I’m sure gives one a feeling of accomplishment like no other, however when the simple day to day task because a media circus what are you to do then? Your every move is recorded for the world to see, in fact there is no place you can go in the world with out causing a scene of some sort.

Prime example see the link bellow about Kandi Burruss’s attempt at going to Hawaii, I’m to assume that this was due to her celebrity status, a major pain to say the least. Cant even do regular everyday things when your no longer a regular everyday joe. Sometimes being an unknown is the best thing, privacy is no more and forget those moments with your husband or wife while on a honeymoon or vacation. Perverted paparazzi’s close in with telescope precision  watching & waiting for that million dollar shot.

Must suck to a new level and I’m sure at the end of the day some people grown weary of such things, flashing lights, gossip, meddling…ect. To be so famous you can go anywhere in the world yet cant go anywhere in it without being seen, of the irony of it all. For those who deal with this on a daily I hope it was worth it, because being Famous  does indeed comes with a high price to pay.

…Your Privacy and Peace of Mind