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Nikon B500 16MP, 40x Optical Long Zoom Digital Camera

April 26, 2019

Greetings blog viewers!

Well after long consideration and procrastination I’ve decided to but me a new camera, i was still using the one my old blog partner bought me back in 2009! Yep you guessed right, a diva has been using that old outdated camera. Perhaps it has some sentimental value to it or maybe my Sony Cyber Shot is stuck to me. For the last 2-3yrs whenever i used it off & my current camera would give me a few issues, for example the focus is out of focus not to mention my memory card problems.

Camera shopping can be slightly draining, I’m more into Sony products as a whole, so there is no surprise that i like anything they come out with especially digital cameras. If i has to name brands I’m interested in obviously those two would be 1.) Sony & 2.) Nikon regardless of which one catches my eye its just time for a new one. Let me know what brads your in favor of and which ones you find less appealing.

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