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Telephone usage, then vs now

October 24, 2016

173033-microtac_slideYou used to call me on my Cell Phone (singing Hotline Bling)

The ring of a telephone once would have you racing to answer it, perhaps that lover or new friend is calling to set up a date or check on their favorite person. Big sister has some gossip about your neighbor or the bestie needs some advice. The telephone used to be the thing to do back in the day, even payphones when beepers where big and cellphones hadn’t even be made major yet.

Back in the day, simple, easy, cool, but nowadays the telephone has become a main source of drama, bullshit and scams. From bill collectors to those pretending you’ve won something to stalkerish guys you no longer want to deal with. Even the jealous girlfriend or baby momma will use it to cause you some type of grief, A ringing phone instantly causes me irritation from wondering just who is it….the ex…bad news…somebody I don’t want to speak with more than likely.

Giving out your number to a guy seems like a instant invitation to your vagina or the ok to harass you endlessly, as of late giving out my number is not an option. Guess working as a customer service rep has added to that as well. Not to mention everybody just wants to text you like crazy or send photos back and forth. What once was a cherished moment has now become something of a headache without trying to be one. Blame it on new technology, simply put when the Telephone changed so did everything about them.

when is the last time any of us actually dialed a phone number without having to look for it in our contacts? exactly just as I had thought. Then you have the long lost payphone, our kids or grandkids will certainly not know what these are as they already no longer exist. Sure the case and poles are rare, but an functioning payphone is now a mystery.

call me on my cellphone, when you need my love (yeah right)


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