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Brace yourselves for Storm Matthew.

October 6, 2016

Never is it a good thing living on a peninsula or coastal region, sure the sunny days and breezy nights seem great for filmy outing or just chilling with your special someone, however you will surely regret ever living on one due to Hurricane and Tropical storm season. Those picture perfect photos & memories are shattered when raging winds and swirling cyclones make a B-line for your magazine ready surroundings.To whoever has friends or family living in these affected areas please keep them in you prayers as well as doing whatever you can to check on them as well assist them too.

Even without the actual threat of severe damage, its still not a safe place to want to leave I one of these situations, its almost like a person would have to be on 24hr watchdog mode because you never know when it will hit. Visiting these places is exciting as much as breathtaking, yet the desire to move to higher ground seems to always not be a present thought in the minds of the locals.  Before having wanderlust and the urge to live on a Peninsula state also think about the future. Keep the thought in your mind that yo could be washed away without warning.

People say that the what if’s never happen, yet when they finally do nobody is prepared for the destruction that is Mother Mature. Bellow is a link to the latest of what’s going on this moment in time, be sure to check it out, be safe people and pray for those that are in harms way. Seems like the entire coast of Florida will be affected in some form or another, lets hope not.

Looks like Hurricane Matthew could pummel Florida twice

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