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The Downside of being Famous

October 3, 2016

What’s up everybody? as promised a new blog post for those of you who actually still read blogs, seems that these days nobody is really blogging anymore or at least on blog site such as WordPress…ect. Lets get right into something serious yet hardly ever talked about which are the downside of being a well known individual or family, the perils of it all. Everybody claims they ant the Fame and Fortune, but just give me the money instead.

Famous looks glitzy and drives people crazy, I’m sure gives one a feeling of accomplishment like no other, however when the simple day to day task because a media circus what are you to do then? Your every move is recorded for the world to see, in fact there is no place you can go in the world with out causing a scene of some sort.

Prime example see the link bellow about Kandi Burruss’s attempt at going to Hawaii, I’m to assume that this was due to her celebrity status, a major pain to say the least. Cant even do regular everyday things when your no longer a regular everyday joe. Sometimes being an unknown is the best thing, privacy is no more and forget those moments with your husband or wife while on a honeymoon or vacation. Perverted paparazzi’s close in with telescope precision  watching & waiting for that million dollar shot.

Must suck to a new level and I’m sure at the end of the day some people grown weary of such things, flashing lights, gossip, meddling…ect. To be so famous you can go anywhere in the world yet cant go anywhere in it without being seen, of the irony of it all. For those who deal with this on a daily I hope it was worth it, because being Famous  does indeed comes with a high price to pay.

…Your Privacy and Peace of Mind


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