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Rebuild, Rethink, Resolve, Revisit

September 23, 2016



Good morning everybody, yes its another post from yours truly.

As I pay attention to what’s going on around me one cant help but to wonder about people, places and things near by or from away. We stay in a constant state of rebirth and regrowth. Hopefully these changes can be beneficial to living a happier & healthier lifestyle. Old homes are torn down to make way for new trendy hotspots, relationships come to an end tat didn’t seem to go anywhere. The idea of brand new is exciting to say the least, a new home, new friend, a new job, new city…ect

Since my move from the Midwest in 2006, I have certainly encountered changes, a personally rebuilding of my overall way of life which made me ultimately rethink how I once did things in comparison to how I would do things in the future. Change is always needed to advance or you will be doomed to a life on rewind which is not a good thing at all. Being able beat your self-sabotage is most rewarding thing I’ve experienced since moving away.

Had the opportunity to resolve some issues with family & friends yet some situations cant me repaired, its like death or a shatter mirror, fixable. That’s life, but always look at yourself before looking at others or pointing the finger, once I decided to do that it made me a better woman, I have matured, grown, changed is a positive manner all while being true to myself. Even revisiting places from my past do not  my present or future. Something that took a long time for me to learn.

no matter what goes on in your live never forget to Rebuild, Rethink, Resolve, Revisit

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