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Technology has ruined Communication

October 12, 2014


Seriously it has, everybody either wants to text or send photos back and forth (which is so lame to me) I don’t like texting because you might no be text with who you think it is “suppose” to be. Long gone are the days of meaningful phone conversations or even in person, one on one talks about, love, life, loss or just whatever. Then you have the perversion of the photo these days, you send a friend or possible love interest a seemingly innocent photo then all of a sudden your all over the web, turned into a slut, laughed at and even worse didn’t make a dime off it.

Certainly makes things complicated between friends, lovers or family members, I read somewhere online a few months ago on a meme that Arguments become status updates on everybody’s favorite forms of social media such as,, or whatever else is hot or followed by many right now. Its like some people literally live through and for modern technology, I personally can do without all the social sites and text messages, speaking of which right at this very moment somebody has texted me *lol* no doubt without anything other than one or two words to say (ignored)

BOOM! looks like technology has dropped a bomb on all of us and there isn’t anything we can do about it.

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