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Can anybody keep it together??

May 11, 2014

Whats going on everybody, some of you all that come here visit for celeb new to whats hot and in right to just regular goings ons, something is not in right apparently thats relationships. So many people in hollywood and everywhere else is splitting up. Businessmen are leaving their long time wives, janitors are bailing out on their girlfriends, chicks are leaving their baby daddies and so much more.

Its seems to be that people are getting together just to end things, that cant be true though, whatever happened to loving each other, respect, emotions? do these not exist any longer. Just when you see a couple that seems to make a good fit, they call it questions. From Jenny Mcarthy, to Eva Marcelle and Lance Gross.

Of course relationships are’nt for everybody, they certainly are’nt for me. People do get together the wrong reasons which once realized that ultimately breaks you up. I am disillusioned by the idea of relationships and marriage, its just safe to say i have different beliefs when it comes to what should and shouldn’t be allowed in one. Then there are those who have recently married or settled down, i’m happy for anybody who has somebody.

Just keep it together people.

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