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Happy Thanksgiving

November 23, 2011

Happy Holidays to all, its been a bumpy road this year for me, my bloggers and supporters, hell just people everywhere we’re here still so dont worry. Wow look at how time flies another year has came and go by so fast I almost still thought that this was 2010…im so glad that year is over, although it seemed to repeat itself in the early part of 2011. Thanksgiving is not one of my favorite holidays really, the history of the holiday itself is somewhat of a puzzle to be, guess it all depends on who you are, your feelings and such.

Me personally i’ve always been the type to give thanks for everything I recieve not just on this holiday, but every day, these last few years have had their ups and downs, i’m blessed to say things have been getting better since late SEP/early OCT…some there is just to many thinsg that goes on in all our lives that we should be thankful for not just on this holiday. Be thankful for all the little things too such as favors, friends who go out of their way for you, those that you dont know who will or have helped you regardless of what it was about. Be thankful all year round.

now thats some real *Food for Thought* Happy Holidays to you all

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