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Le’Urbanesque is here………

August 23, 2011

















Hey Swaggtalk family…this is ya friend Swaggie….first off, i hope everyone’s doing well. Me and Webbie still making things happen….i know i know, yall probably thought we left our blog, but we didnt. We talked about it and now is the time we’re being about it.

Le’Urbanesque, an online shopping Mall for just about everyone. We have stores such as….WALMART, AMAZON, DR. JAYS, ROCAWEAR, SEAN JOHN, BABY PHAT, J&R MUSICWORLD and plenty more online shopping stores for your needs. We’re still working on some things and adding stores, but for the most part we are up and running. Click >>>Here for your online shopping experience. We also have page with more than 5000 games to play.

Also We’ve been busy creating logos…printing them on Tees, Bags, Cups, and just about anything that a logo can be printed on…we can do it.





Our first shipment of our “I LOVE NY” EXTENSIONS Tee shirts we’re a hit….check below..





coming soon in a few weeks….STATE Tees and matching fitted caps, so stay tuned.

Any Tees ordered(thru PAYPAL), will be shipped for free..i repeat, any Tees shipped to you will cost you not a dime. Will give my business email in a few weeks.

Check us out folks!

Again, we’re sorry for the long wait on a post but, yes we are back!!

Have a lovely Rest of the summer friends!

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  1. August 31, 2011 10:57 am

    HEY THERE! Great to see you back online, get your paypal link listed asap…loving the t-shirts by the way…your making it happen

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