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Twitter totally Rocks

June 15, 2011

Yes im here again to post sorry about the long over due need of a post here, my blogging partner is back on it, seems i’ve fell off, but fear not im back and you will be seeing more posts and updates soon enough.

I have a love/hate relationship with social sites, because of all f the spam, flirting and nonsense that can be on all the sites, however after being online for awhile i’ve found a site that is totally cool and not hardly all the BS as other sites and thats a fun micro blogging site, that is short and simple, works fine for me.

its not loaded with tons of porn pics and silly pages, you can follow whoever you like and block those u dont. The main theme of the site are where followers have created teams to promo their members to follow and gain more followers, there is always a race to see who gains the most, some of the sites main promoters are some of the very people I tweets with daily (cool right) members such as:

@SeymoneSoSweet @purrdylaylay @kavalonhaha @ronsmoooth @kisthering_bish @evesparadox @mzlovely411 @ieatlames @absolut214 @romeojiii and many more
these i’ve listed are some of my faves, mind you I said some, there way to many others to add lol, they know who they are…we followws each other and #promos each other. If your not on twitter go ahead and create your page today.

p.s unfortunately WP wouldn’t let me link to anybody profile in this post, we know why so it is what it is never the less dont let that stop you from looking up your favorite bloggers here on twitter, follow them today.

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  1. June 16, 2011 5:49 pm

    i totally agree and I am glad you started back to blogging just wish you took me up on my offer lol but im glad to have you back

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