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SwaggTalk100 Updates # 6

May 13, 2010

What a month this has been so far!

first off and foremost as usual we want to thank those who have stopped by, viewed our articles, postings, galleries and ramblings, but this month is special me and the team put together some kick ass plans, been working our tails off and more important everybody online is literally talking a notice of our blog Swaggtalk100. Our hits are through the roof like never before, on an all time high that is only a steady climb upwards also right now for the first time i`m about to show you a little bit of what me and the homies have been working as well.

What you see here is a link to your current tshirt designs and logos by the way this same link is on our link list which showcases a few original idea’s as well as some purchased ones we came up with as a team.

Let us know if you like what you see on there your opinion is greatly needed as it will be one of many deciding factors of where we take things next. Phaze 1 has already started, but behind schedule…then will come phaze 2 followed by our finale project (phaze 3) still currently in our “infant stage” this is just a few samples, there’s a lot of other exciting things in the works as a team and separately. There might not be replies here for awhile, but still fee free to browse, comment and ask any questions you might need to…hopefully somebody will reply.

Congrats to the graduating class of 2010 and best wishes also I would like to apologize for anybodies comments that were waiting in the moderation que to long and/or those yet to receive a response, we all have been extremely busy, however i’ll bite the bullet and take sole responsibility for this.

As always thank you once again for your continued support, without that this blog or our idea’s wouldnt exist

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  1. Tam permalink
    May 15, 2010 9:00 pm

    It is pretty fun on ST1 even though I’m two time zones away and online, it still feels like home amongst friends. Swaggtalk100 You should post your shoes story. *smiles while waiting*

    Missie the cutie is on alot where the rest of the clan? she been the overseer here for a minute a real trooper, which means she should receive a medal for continued participation.

    How exciting for you guys- I can’t wait for 2012 to get here to see just how far things have grown with this site….

  2. Brooke permalink
    May 15, 2010 12:37 pm

    Wonderful news! swaggtalk100 is one of the few blogs that constantly stays active, updated with style, those shirts are cool expect me to score a few soon…will there be others to come out someday of the line?

    unity is bleeding all over this site

  3. May 15, 2010 1:20 am

    my apologies for you both sitting like that (uggh) move one step ahead then get knocked right back three steps. trying to keep up with this, that and all the other stuff gets tiring and i`m sorry again that any of you were left in mod que longer than normal…it seems that all the kinks have not be worked out or perhaps the blog and idea’s has taken a mind of its own.

  4. Kaoki Shiki permalink
    May 14, 2010 1:17 pm

    Great work. Keep it up.

  5. Novi permalink
    May 14, 2010 12:59 pm

    How nice it must be! being thanked by the swaggteam themselves, being on your blog is a real treat, to be honest blogging was not for me at first and this blog…well I just did’nt now what to think of it, as time went (quicky) you’ve got yourselves a cult following. Reading your work has become a daily event for many and there’s always new visitors which means something.

  6. May 13, 2010 9:56 pm

    Ed…good luck in all your endeavors. you have been a best friend to the whole team. who is Ed Wilson……well we love Ed Wilson!

    Novi we sure enough appreciate everything you bring to this swagg round table…you have been a blessing as well. you’ve been down from day 1……glad to have you aboard.

  7. May 13, 2010 9:50 pm

    i just have to give a super shout out to the whole swaggtalk100 team for staying side by side and making this whole experience worth while. we have a great team and we’re not going to stop till we reach destination SWAGGARIFIC! we have been experiencing some tasks on the homefront, but with a team like ours, we’ll always pull through and still make things happen.

    thanks to our friends, we love you guys for riding this swagg train with us. just keep riding and youz all will see some great things from us!

    Webi…we doing it homie!

  8. May 13, 2010 9:39 pm

    Hey stranger have’nt seen u in awhile here, unfortunately i’m not in the class of 10 thats for my sister and her friends that visit here.
    I have emailed you in regards to your blog because i cant comment it never goes through

    ..aas for our plans we are trying to get it going in the right direction, but we have hit a snag and we are trying to figure a few things out. The rest maybe swaggtalk can offer some insight.

    stay tuned

  9. Ed Wilson permalink
    May 13, 2010 8:28 pm


    That’s awesome. Missie are you in the class 2010?

    Anyway, I’m happy to hear things are going up, up, up. I haven’t commented on too many blogs lately. I’ve been sort of busy in a writer’s group. But there’s plenty of goodies I’m going to browse through.

    Sounds like soon you all will be moving to

    Anyways, good luck with the plans.


  10. Novi permalink
    May 13, 2010 12:07 pm

    Pretty impressive work guys, so that is what you were eluding to for weeks, who’s idea was this and how do you all make it mesh together? Input from somebody other than usual would be great right about now.

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