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Swaggtalk100 Spotlight: Lady Gaga

March 21, 2010

This time its not about her shocking attire or vivid videos which make you think she’s the lovechild of Cher and Tim Burton lol would’nt that be something?, here she is the one the photogs just cant get enough of Lady Gaga in the headline who is being sued by now ex-boyfriend which i`m sure many of you have seen online and in the popular magazines already.

We all know couples think of wonderful idea’s together, one might think it wont go anywhere the other one does and before you know it a small childish idea blooms into something worth thousands even millions.

You have to protect your idea’s and investments no matter what if you solely created something and no other party helped you get it to the next level then there’s no reason to feel you owe anybody anything.

Now just as all couples do which is offer advice and suggestions to tweak things, if your boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, husband, wife or other has helped you create, invent or simple brain stormed with you on a project…then by all means credit them and make sure they get what is due.

All to many times in any profitable industry people forget about those who helped them along the way. Sure your on an emotional high because your life is finally going somewhere still and all, dont forget who got you there, besides once you get to the top it can be a lonely place if you stabbed the main person in the back who had your back from the start.

This goes to all of you out there (ladies and gentlemen) easiest solution for a miserable problem is to set up some form of trust and not just verbally either, these days a persons word is about as fool-proof as a glass house next door to a shooting range.

Find out your role within the creative sphere, let your partner know theirs, have everything dated, signed, sealed and delivered. Be sure to go over it throughly with each other to make sure your both clear on things.

if your interested in finding out whats next for the Fame starlet regarding this issue click here Lady Gaga strikes back! to stay up todate.

What do you all think of this and other collaborative messes?

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  1. March 22, 2010 1:51 pm

    Sad part is no two people think alike, so you might have to adjust to having a lover (boyfriend or girlfriend) who does’nt catch up to speed on things, might be on another page or just does’nt honor your vision completely as you do yourself. If monies come into play regardless if its a measely $100 to pocket buster like $1100 always be clear on what its for, whats going to happen next and so forth.

    There are plenty of stars who started out with little of nothing and their mate step in which I feel should always be honored.

    burning bridges is so not cool

  2. Novi permalink
    March 22, 2010 9:17 am

    Nice article piece webmistress.

    The world is full of slimy people, which is not always limited to the men either. For all we know the ex might be entitled as wemistress stated. Couples follow each others vision mostly working together alot of the time.

  3. March 22, 2010 7:41 am

    This kills me right here when i hear dumb stuff like this. there’s no way on earth if i worked hard to become a millionaire…..alone, then get married to someone she that person get any of what blooded and sweated over. i really really hate to see a man do it.

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