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Donate to Swaggtalk100 for promotional and Marketing efforts

January 8, 2010

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Greetings from the Webmistress

This is an old post that had been stuck in my Drafts fot ages, Do you need promotion, reviews, marketing? If so i do accept donations (see above button) for those services.   Promotion has been a favorite of mines for years now, i’ve always had a knack for generating buzz, drawing attention plus getting those followers up as well as the plays to music tracks and videos.

If interested in showing your support feel free to leave your first initial, last name and email address we’ll get back to you asap. A diva is proficient in Local, Online, Street teams and Nationwide promo. If you have to see it to believe to see it, i can direct you to many of my reffetences. There’s no limit to my skills, I can also create a custom promotional package just for you.

Donations for any of my services start at $20.00, if your in need of some info please check my HUGE database here on the blog, you’ll find almost everything from fashion to web design and beyond. All donations are accepted if you would like to keep this blog up and running. Donations collected will be used for just that also a % will be donated to a charitable cause of my choice.

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