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Happy Independence Day, 4th of July

July 4, 2014


Be blessed for the freedoms you have no matter if its drama free, financial freedom, pain free just be happy you have. Much love and respect to not just our ancestors of the past but to those who in this present day and time are totally independent. So long hone are those needs of being a co-pendent, you’re doing your own thing, on your own time.

Happy Independence Day


Can anybody keep it together??

May 11, 2014

Whats going on everybody, some of you all that come here visit for celeb new to whats hot and in right to just regular goings ons, something is not in right apparently thats relationships. So many people in hollywood and everywhere else is splitting up. Businessmen are leaving their long time wives, janitors are bailing out on their girlfriends, chicks are leaving their baby daddies and so much more.

Its seems to be that people are getting together just to end things, that cant be true though, whatever happened to loving each other, respect, emotions? do these not exist any longer. Just when you see a couple that seems to make a good fit, they call it questions. From Jenny Mcarthy, to Eva Marcelle and Lance Gross.

Of course relationships are’nt for everybody, they certainly are’nt for me. People do get together the wrong reasons which once realized that ultimately breaks you up. I am disillusioned by the idea of relationships and marriage, its just safe to say i have different beliefs when it comes to what should and shouldn’t be allowed in one. Then there are those who have recently married or settled down, i’m happy for anybody who has somebody.

Just keep it together people.

Swaggtalk100 Updates: What a year 2013 has been so far!

May 11, 2014

Yes its your Girl the Infamous (often invisible) Webmistress back on here, I know many of you will be shocked at this post because its been awhile lol. Been mainly working and taking care of home rest assure I’ve been fine, hoping all of you are doing great too. There have been plenty of times I’ve browsed through the only post and comments wondering what to post about for a recent one. It brings a great smile to my face that even without a recent post and horribly falling down to the bottom of the blog sphere…we STILL manage to receive blog comments and interests (totally loving that by the way) So guess some of you guys and gals are wondering what ive been up to? here’s a brief update:

1. home comes before anything, bills, bills can you pay my bills?

2. working not 1 but 2 jobs to be the above, now a days at least 2 is needed

3. involved in community action…charity work, helping friends, promotion…ect

4. Have coins will travel! yes I’ve been hitting the road a little bit

5. Almost obsessed with Twitter, tweet me and i’ll tweet you back

6. Reconnected with a few old friends, the old ones are the real ones, new ones are fake

7. YouTube, if you’d like to check it out, kind of boring right, but show some love

8. Doing a lot of changing in 2013 Physically & Mentally which is always a good thing no matter what.

9. Cooking & Baking like crazy, i’m a really good cook, be sure to come back here in the near future to see some of my treats.

10. removing BS from my life starting with unnecessary clothing, junk, people, numbers….everything!

that’s been it for me at the moment, now what I need you all to do is reply back with what all has been going on in your lives, if you think I didn’t care before or don’t care now…your wrong, I’m always interested in what’s going with those I converse with. Always open to strike up conversation with old blog buddies or make a few new ones in the future. That’s been it for me at the moment now nobody cant say this blog is dead because it’s certainly not. I’ll be trying to post a little more often from now on, but it will be random, short, crazy, long, regular, world news and my recent thoughts that you’ll get.

much love from your blog friendly, internet enchanted Webmistress

Sean John 2013(FIIYAH)

March 26, 2013

Hello Folks. Eliess(L.E.S) aka Swaggie here, and i’m giving props to Sean “P. Diddy” Combs. I’ve been wearing Sean John clothing here and there for many years. I recently did some closet cleaning, and noticed how much Sean John i have in my closet. Blazers, numerous jackets and coats, polos, tees, sweaters, dress shirts etc. For those that don’t know, the Sean John collection of old is no more. The new collection is sick, dope, raw(or whatever term is hot these days lol), and can fit just about all styles and Swagga(s).

Checkout this cool video of P. Diddy, posting his Fashion show via Instagram(which i think is Genius by the way)…………..

Thanks for viewing. Eliess gonna go pull out some Sean John clothing for work


Hey….ya never know!

January 28, 2013

Hey folks……Ay, i’m at work so i decided to sneak in a little post that i saw on Yahoo this morning.

Unclaimed cash–is-some-of-it-yours–202441269.html

Well i checked a few things on here, and it looks like ima be doing some more research. ;)

Talk to you guys later….Webbie, i have a suprise for you!

Cartoon yourself!

January 13, 2013


Hey Guys. Hope everyone is well. I have something cool for us to try out. Me, im not a photoshop pro, but i came across a video of some collegues of mine. It’s a tutorial video on “How to Cartoon yourself”. I have some time on my hands today, so i’m going to give it a shot(this gonna be fun).

Check it out my friends………………ENJOY!


January 7, 2013

WOW…It’s been a minute folks. I hope everyone is doing well out there. First off, Swaggie and Webbie thought we lost this Blog. There was some kind of issues we were having and we both couldn’t log in, to chat with you good folks out there. We apologize dearly…but this is your freind Swaggie, and i’m making this little small post just to let you good folks know that we are back, and we will be posting nice and interesting things just like we have in the past. We will also be visiting alot of other blogs..interacting, Blogging with you good folks just like we did in the past.


Stay Tuned…Swaggtalk 100/LeUrbanesque/Swagga9 is back in the business. We look forward to gettin things back to the norm over here.




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