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Sean John 2013(FIIYAH)

March 26, 2013

Hello Folks. Eliess(L.E.S) aka Swaggie here, and i’m giving props to Sean “P. Diddy” Combs. I’ve been wearing Sean John clothing here and there for many years. I recently did some closet cleaning, and noticed how much Sean John i have in my closet. Blazers, numerous jackets and coats, polos, tees, sweaters, dress shirts etc. For those that don’t know, the Sean John collection of old is no more. The new collection is sick, dope, raw(or whatever term is hot these days lol), and can fit just about all styles and Swagga(s).

Checkout this cool video of P. Diddy, posting his Fashion show via Instagram(which i think is Genius by the way)…………..

Thanks for viewing. Eliess gonna go pull out some Sean John clothing for work


Hey….ya never know!

January 28, 2013

Hey folks……Ay, i’m at work so i decided to sneak in a little post that i saw on Yahoo this morning.

Unclaimed cash–is-some-of-it-yours–202441269.html

Well i checked a few things on here, and it looks like ima be doing some more research. ;)

Talk to you guys later….Webbie, i have a suprise for you!

Cartoon yourself!

January 13, 2013


Hey Guys. Hope everyone is well. I have something cool for us to try out. Me, im not a photoshop pro, but i came across a video of some collegues of mine. It’s a tutorial video on “How to Cartoon yourself”. I have some time on my hands today, so i’m going to give it a shot(this gonna be fun).

Check it out my friends………………ENJOY!


January 7, 2013

WOW…It’s been a minute folks. I hope everyone is doing well out there. First off, Swaggie and Webbie thought we lost this Blog. There was some kind of issues we were having and we both couldn’t log in, to chat with you good folks out there. We apologize dearly…but this is your freind Swaggie, and i’m making this little small post just to let you good folks know that we are back, and we will be posting nice and interesting things just like we have in the past. We will also be visiting alot of other blogs..interacting, Blogging with you good folks just like we did in the past.


Stay Tuned…Swaggtalk 100/LeUrbanesque/Swagga9 is back in the business. We look forward to gettin things back to the norm over here.



Happy Thanksgiving

November 23, 2011

Happy Holidays to all, its been a bumpy road this year for me, my bloggers and supporters, hell just people everywhere we’re here still so dont worry. Wow look at how time flies another year has came and go by so fast I almost still thought that this was 2010…im so glad that year is over, although it seemed to repeat itself in the early part of 2011. Thanksgiving is not one of my favorite holidays really, the history of the holiday itself is somewhat of a puzzle to be, guess it all depends on who you are, your feelings and such.

Me personally i’ve always been the type to give thanks for everything I recieve not just on this holiday, but every day, these last few years have had their ups and downs, i’m blessed to say things have been getting better since late SEP/early OCT…some there is just to many thinsg that goes on in all our lives that we should be thankful for not just on this holiday. Be thankful for all the little things too such as favors, friends who go out of their way for you, those that you dont know who will or have helped you regardless of what it was about. Be thankful all year round.

now thats some real *Food for Thought* Happy Holidays to you all

Is True love & Relationships Dead??

September 2, 2011

The Webmistress is back…well hopefully been so busy with life and Bills, Bills, Bills
just decided to take a moment and write up a short yet heart felt post about something that is troubling me deeply.

    Long lasting relationships

Do they even exist anymore??

It all makes me wonder i’ve written a few articles in the past about Love and Happiness one of which is Longest Married Couple Something that seems so magical and only happens *once in a life time* is a far cry from what im seeing in my person friends lives as well as these Celebrities.

Just take a moment and think of those people whom which you know personally, who can’t seem to make it work for nothing in the world. Perhaps its due to trying to make ends meet, school or just basic day to day struggles…now on the other side of things think about all the celebs who’s relationships are falling apart faster than they hooked up…keep in mind these are people who dont have the every day worries such as myself and those we know person whom struggle with basic day to day living expenses, school, gas money, food…ect

How is it that people who have damn near everything your hearts could desire, yet can’t even keep a relationship together, one one side you have those who are stressed with bills, bills, bills so that mos def would be a issue when it comes to being with somebody…how can you focus on them while your livelihood is crumbling around you?

Last night while thinking about a current lover, thinking so deeply on the matter my head started to throb, While pondering on what causes these relationships to fall apart no matter if its with the Rich & Famous or just your average Americans such me you and I…its the lack of time to be able to get to know each other…both sides fail to do that which is a disaster waiting to happen no matter who you are, background, financial standing, race, sex or age.

Communication between two people is what is missing from failed relationships, now throw in some greed, selfishness, lust, gold digger, playboy, hussie and what do you have??

    A Bad Romance

Personally from my own experiences it seemed as if I was the only who was trying to make it work, make it last, go the distance…my parters or boyfriends not so much, it seems that in general Men want what they want when they want it, causes a lot of ladies to become mean spirited, bitter and not so willing to deal with another person on that level…making it harder for the next person to get to know them…Funny thing is whenever you meet a Man (Ladies im sure you can agree) that they all say *their not HIM* however ironically they end up doing exactly what he did…making the Next gy just like all the others.

I am interested in hearing from Men & Women thoughts on this, this is not a bash post lets get some of the facts straight, form a line of communication between Men & Women, because without communication you aint got jack shit, straight up. Also seeking the comments, advice and tips from Men & Women of all ages who have been in long lasting relationships. Like it, comment, leave some feedback

wouldn’t it be great if more people had more healthy, long lasting relationships, without that how can one have children who will grown up and do the same??

    Food for thought

Le’Urbanesque is here………

August 23, 2011

















Hey Swaggtalk family…this is ya friend Swaggie….first off, i hope everyone’s doing well. Me and Webbie still making things happen….i know i know, yall probably thought we left our blog, but we didnt. We talked about it and now is the time we’re being about it.

Le’Urbanesque, an online shopping Mall for just about everyone. We have stores such as….WALMART, AMAZON, DR. JAYS, ROCAWEAR, SEAN JOHN, BABY PHAT, J&R MUSICWORLD and plenty more online shopping stores for your needs. We’re still working on some things and adding stores, but for the most part we are up and running. Click >>>Here for your online shopping experience. We also have page with more than 5000 games to play.

Also We’ve been busy creating logos…printing them on Tees, Bags, Cups, and just about anything that a logo can be printed on…we can do it.





Our first shipment of our “I LOVE NY” EXTENSIONS Tee shirts we’re a hit….check below..





coming soon in a few weeks….STATE Tees and matching fitted caps, so stay tuned.

Any Tees ordered(thru PAYPAL), will be shipped for free..i repeat, any Tees shipped to you will cost you not a dime. Will give my business email in a few weeks.

Check us out folks!

Again, we’re sorry for the long wait on a post but, yes we are back!!

Have a lovely Rest of the summer friends!


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